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Emari Yokota, DVM, CVA, ACVCHM

From before the time she could remember Dr. Yokota has had a passion to heal animals. She learned the value of holistic medicines from her mother, whose interest in naturopathic remedies opened her eyes to the value of non-conventional medicines at a very young age.  


Only after her own cat, Midnight, began to have issues with severe arthritis, did she realize the potential impact she could have on her future patients with holistic therapies.  After completing her undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech, Dr. Yokota enrolled at the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine because of their high quality holistic program and relationship to the Chi Institute of Chinese Medicine.  While enrolled in vet school, she studied and received her certification in veterinary acupuncture.  Soon after, she earned her Advanced Certification in Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine from the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society (IVAS).

After practicing in the Northern Virginia area for over 7 years, Dr. Yokota founded Well Whiskers to concentrate on offering much needed holistic care to pets.  While we offer office visits, we understand that many patients who would benefit from acupuncture have a difficult time getting to the office. Whether due to stress leaving the home or having reduced mobility, it makes it hard for them to make it through the door to see a doctor. 


By coming to you, Dr. Yokota can offer holistic care to patients who are not comfortable coming to the office.  Working with your pet's primary care doctor, she continuously strives to find the best aspects of both Western and Eastern medicines to find the best care for her patients.

Dr. Yokota is one of Northern Virginia Magazine 2020 Best Veterinarians
Dr. Yokota is a Fear Free Certified Professional
Dr. Yokota treating a small elderly dog with acupuncture

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