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Words cannot express how wonderful Dr Yokota (and Well Whiskers) is with our precious mini schnauzer, Miles (16 years young). Dr. Yokota approaches care with a holistic and pet-centered way that I have never experienced before. She is kind and compassionate and truly has our buddy's best interest at heart. It takes a very special person to love and care for pets, and she is certainly that person.
Miles is so happy when Dr. Yokota comes to see him. The visit starts with a review of how Miles has been doing. She uses that information to plan acupuncture points. She loves on Miles in a way only she can.
I can confidently say that we have been gifted time with Miles as a result of the care he receives with Well Whiskers. We are so very grateful for Dr. Yokota and her love and care for Miles.

Kristen Maisano

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